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IAQCert Training Programs: Guided by Industry-Informed Guidelines

Welcome to IAQCert, your destination for comprehensive, hands-on training in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Our unique approach goes beyond the traditional standards-based training, offering industry-informed guidelines to provide a broader, more practical understanding across a variety of IAQ disciplines.  


Join us at IAQCert, and experience a different kind of training – one that offers not just the standards, but practical, industry-informed guidelines. We believe that learning goes beyond theoretical knowledge. It’s about gaining the practical skills and understanding to excel in the field.

City Population and Indoor Air Quality

How City Population Can Impact Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

This blog post delves into the impact of city population on your home's indoor air quality. Understand the challenges and solutions for maintaining healthy air...
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Air Quality Testing in New Home Construction

The Underrated Importance of Air Quality Testing in New Home Construction

This blog post highlights the critical role of air quality testing in new home construction. Learn how new materials and chemicals can affect indoor air...
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Air Duct Cleaning Certification

Why Air Duct Cleaning Certification is Vital for Your Business

Explaining the key reasons why obtaining certification in air duct cleaning is vital for businesses. Gain insights into how certification elevates service quality, credibility, and...
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