Our Mission

Our mission at IAQCert is to provide comprehensive, affordable, and accessible education and certification programs for professionals in the indoor air quality industry. We strive to empower our students with step-by-step explanations, industry best practices, and guidelines to excel in their roles. By offering high-quality certification programs, resources, and support, we are committed to helping our certified professionals succeed and advance the field of indoor air quality.

Our mission is to offer affordable, high-quality certification and training programs for professionals in the indoor air quality industry.

Michael Roy, Co-Founder

Our Approach

At IAQ Cert, we firmly believe in the significance of continuous education and training to stay abreast of the latest industry advancements and best practices. Our educational approach centers around practical knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring that our certified professionals possess the requisite skills to excel in their respective roles.

To deliver a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, our seasoned instructors employ a range of teaching methods, including lectures, interactive exercises, and case studies. We understand that each student has unique learning preferences, and we strive to cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring that every student can comprehend and retain the information.

We are committed to affordability and endeavor to provide quality education and training at an accessible price point. Our online courses and lectures enable students to learn at their own pace and convenience, eliminating the need for costly accommodation expenses.

By choosing IAQ Cert for your education and training requirements, you can rest assured that you will receive practical, high-quality instruction that will propel your career advancement in the industry.