Become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with IAQCert

At IAQCert, we are seeking dedicated and knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to join our program. As an SME, you will play a vital role in shaping the quality and effectiveness of our various certification courses. We believe that education goes beyond standards and guidelines; it requires the insights and expertise of industry professionals like you.

At IAQCert, we are seeking dedicated and knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to collaborate with us. As an SME, your expertise will play a crucial role in shaping the quality and effectiveness of our certification courses. We firmly believe that education should be enriched with insights and practical knowledge from industry professionals like yourself.

What is an SME?
A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is an experienced professional with deep knowledge and expertise in a specific field or subject area. In the context of our certification courses, an SME is someone who possesses extensive practical experience and understanding in their respective domain.

Your Role as an SME:
As an SME collaborating with IAQCert, your input and expertise will be highly valued in reviewing our course materials and providing valuable insights. Your role will involve:

1. Reviewing Course Material: You will have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the lectures, presentations, and learning resources of our certification courses. Your expertise will ensure the accuracy, relevance, and comprehensiveness of the content.

2. Sharing Industry Insights: We encourage you to share your practical experiences, case studies, and real-world examples to enhance the learning experience for course participants. Your insights will bridge the gap between theory and application, making the courses more practical and valuable.

3. Identifying Emerging Trends: Your knowledge of emerging trends, best practices, and advancements within your industry is invaluable. You will have the chance to highlight these trends and contribute to keeping our course material up to date, ensuring that our students stay ahead of the curve.

4. Collaborating with the IAQCert Team: We value open communication and collaboration. As an SME, you will work closely with our instructional design team, providing feedback, suggestions, and expertise to continuously improve our certification courses.

Benefits of Being an SME with IAQCert:
As an SME collaborating with IAQCert, you can enjoy the following benefits:

– Recognition and Credibility: Your contributions as an SME will be acknowledged in our course documentation, further strengthening your credibility and reputation in your industry. This recognition will help you stand out as an authority and expert.

Local and National Exposure: Your name and affiliation as an SME will be prominently featured in our course materials, giving you exposure to a wide audience of aspiring professionals. This recognition will expand your local client base and increase your visibility on a national scale.

– Professional Development: Collaborating with IAQCert offers an opportunity for your professional growth and development. You can enhance your knowledge, refine your teaching skills, and expand your professional network, opening doors to new opportunities within the industry.

– Making a Lasting Impact: Your input and insights will directly impact the education and training of future professionals. By sharing your expertise, you can help shape the industry and contribute to its advancement, making a lasting impact in your respective field.

Ready to Join as an SME?

This program is exclusively invitation-only! If you’re reading this, it’s because you have received a special invitation. We believe that becoming an IAQCert Subject Matter Expert (SME) is a prestigious opportunity, typically extended through personal invitations. However, if you have vast industry expertise in relation to any of our courses and are confident in your ability to substantially enhance their quality, we warmly invite you to connect with us.

To maintain the utmost level of expertise and concentration, we have a policy of accepting only one SME per course, per chosen city. This deliberate exclusivity enables us to create a truly customized learning experience and uphold the uncompromising integrity of our certification programs.

If you are passionate about your industry, dedicated to excellence in education, and driven to make a positive impact, we invite you to become an SME with IAQCert. By sharing your expertise and contributions, you will help us deliver the highest standard of training and education to aspiring professionals in our certification courses.

To express your interest and explore the opportunities available, we kindly request you to contact Michael Roy, our Certification Program Manager, today at We eagerly await the chance to discuss how your unique insights can further enrich our esteemed team of Subject Matter Experts.